Operation & maintenance services for boilers & thermal power plants

  • Complete operation and maintenance services for Low pressure boilers and utility scale thermal power plants
  • Operations management by Trona Energy Experts
  • Implementation of SOP’s, maintenance schedules and safety practices
  • Need based OEM/external agency experts
  • Guaranteed uptime of plant operations
  • Continuous analysis of the operations and suggest potential areas of improvement with little or nil investments

Steam supply contracts including fuel supply, O & M services for boilers​

  • Uninterrupted steam supply at fixed rates for the entire year
  • Use of biomass pellets and other biomass in process boiler for steam generation
  • Operation and maintenance services for boiler
  • Guaranteed minimum uptime for boiler.
  • No upfront working capital required by client industry
  • No day to day purchase, quality checks for fuel by client industry
  • Insulation from fuel price volatility due to market conditions and other seasonal variations

Build own operate and transfer (BOOT) based contracts with the industry

Trona Energy is moving to provide steam supply service on BOOT basis to FMCG, pharma, chemical and other small-scale industries which want to shift from conventional fuels like coal, diesel, furnace oil etc. Some of the BOOT model features are as follows:

  • We will design, invest, construct, operate and provide steam to the client industry for a minimum period of 10 years on pre-decided rates
  • The boiler will be transferred to client after end of 10 years contract on depreciated value
  • Client can also revise the contract after end of 10 years initial contract on mutually agreed terms
  • No capital investment by client
  • No working capital requirements by client
  • Insulation to the client from fuel price variation for long term
  • Client can focus on their own specialized products leaving the steam related issues to Trona Energy
  • Trona is coming up with dedicated biomass pellet facility for its BOOT based projects

Technical consultancy to the steam, power generators and consumers

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